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DHS Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions (EAGLE) program is an indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract that provides a full range of IT capabilities/solutions and emerging technologies for use by all U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agencies. EAGLE has a base period of performance of five years with two one-year options. DHS is establishing multiple IT Support Service contracts in five functional categories (FC's):

  • FC1 - Engineering Design, Development, Implementation, and Integration
  • FC2 - Operations and Maintenance
  • FC3 - Independent Test, Evaluation, Validation, and Verification
  • FC4 - Software Development
  • FC5 - Management Support Services

On September 26, 2006, 1 Source was selected as a prime contractor on the EAGLE contract in the small business set-aside track. 1 Source received a contract award in three Functional Categories: FC1, FC2-Tier 1, and FC4.

1 Source has the flexibility and experience to effectively and efficiently support the needs of DHS. We bring the latest information technology and capabilities, Project Management Professional (PMP)-certified project managers, and a commitment to quality and reliability. 1 Source focuses on what it takes to achieve customer success.


DHS experience within the last three years.


Functional Category - DHS Office/ Component - Program

FC2 - FEMA - Disaster IT Surge Personnel

FC2 - FLETC - FIS Technology Refresh

FC2 - FLETC - Web Hosting Contractor Support

FC2 - FEMA - IT Surge Support for Hurricane Gustav

FC2 - FEMA - DHS FEMA Video Operations Center

FC2 - FEMA - DHS FEMA Joint Field Office

FC2 - CBP - DHS CPS Model Ports

Quality Assurance Program

1 Source is committed to customer satisfaction, employee development, and continuous process improvement. 1 Source quality initiatives are based on industry best practices, customer feedback, independent review, and our corporate commitment to delivering the best possible products and services to our customers. In support of the Eagle Program, 1 Source will implement an ISO 9001:2008-compliant Quality Management System (QMS) certified and registered by QMI. Implementation of the QMS will ensure that continual process improvement is established and quality procedures and standards are enforced throughout the life of a contract. The QMS set of best practices provides the foundation for all project related procedures and uses Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics as primary measures of success. Proper documentation of plans and procedures is necessary and required since the QA activities of process monitoring, process auditing, product and service evaluation, and auditing rely heavily upon unequivocal definitions to measure service, and ultimately, project compliance.

Review/Audit Process

1 Source uses a five-step QA process known as the "5C" methodology which is aligned to the ISO "Plan-Do-Check-Act" methodology for process improvement. The 5C methodology; Collect, Create, Cultivate, Cascade, and Confirm; is used to evaluate the quality of program performance and adherence of the program to the established standards, processes, and procedures.

This methodology will enable us to note trends, manage performance and change effectively, identify root causes for performance issues, determine appropriate actions, and facilitate continual performance improvement.

Prior to submission, all project deliverables will undergo an internal review process in each of the five phases to identify possible defects and ensure quality and completeness of the deliverable. Participants in the internal reviews are selected by their level of involvement and stake in the particular process or product under review. Internal reviews and discussions with DHS staff will keep DHS aware of project progress early and often resulting in on-schedule approval of deliverables.

Corrective Action Process

Problems, issues, and defects identified during the review process or during the course of the project are documented in the issue log for each task order by any member of the project team. These defects are handled in accordance with established problem resolution and escalation processes and procedures. The issue log are reviewed monthly by the task order project manager and reviewed quarterly by the PMO. The corrective action plan depends upon the severity of the identified defect. The corrective action and resolution are also documented in the issue log.


1 Source expects that teaming opportunities will develop throughout the life of the contract. 1 Source evaluates subcontracting and teaming arrangements at the individual task order level.


Points of Contact

Eileen Lake
Director of Contracts 
Tel: 301.444.1339
Email: DHSEAGLE@1-sc.com