Senior Software Developer (20-033)

Location: Lemont, IL

Duties and Responsibilities:

1Source Consulting, Inc. seeks amotivated and talented senior software developer. The contractor will be a full member of the Advanced Integration Group (AIG) within the Operations Team at the ALCF. The ALCF will be fielding the first Exascale supercomputer in the US named Aurora. As such, we are a member of the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) whose prime goal is to ensure that scientific and systems software are prepared to take advantage of the Exascale machines while minimizing the impact of the differing architectures. To accomplish this, the project is leveraging Gitlab for CI functionality and is contributing functionality to support 3 key objectives:

• running jobs as specific user(setuid)

• hpc workflows(batch executor)

• multi-site/multi-auth runner integration(federation).

We have an existing working relationship with GitLab and this contractor will be one member of a multi-site

team working on this feature and where appropriate, pushing changes upstream into the GitLab core.


• Focus on Gitlab Server development to satisfy the functional design requirements for the ECP CI project.
• Focus efforts on implementing functional changes, resolving issues, and working with the vendor Gitlab to
up-stream the customizations back to the Gitlab Core.
• Listen to design requirements, make design and architecture decisions and convert them into actionable
development changes to Gitlab.
• Be familiar with the Gitlab product, able to understand the ECP CI goals, and guide us on the development
changes need to achieve our project goals.
• Be able to identify technological and development changes and use these to steer project design decisions
with the larger group always considering long term technical debt.
• Provide planning, status reporting, estimation of work efforts and take ownership of development changes
• Go
• Ruby on Rails
• Vue.js
Primary skills and technologies:

• Basic Gitlab experience: issue tracking, labeling, reporting, prioritization, merging, diffing, re-basing
•Open source development, merge requestsand up-streaming changes back to the project in accordance
with site/facility practices and the multi-site ECP project.
• Dev/Ops processes focused on application development teams, testing, and deployment
• CI/CD workflows and tools in this space. Git, Gitlab and or Jenkins, pipeline/control scripts, YAML
• HPC workflows - software development, stacks, solve/runs, schedulers and integrations. CI/CD pipelines,
HPC container technologies, and unit testing
• Knowledge of web applications and security concepts - within Gitlab/runner, integrations with external
resources, OAuth, idPs
Useful skills and background:
• Interpersonal
• Small and remote team experience, taking guidance from a larger group of stakeholders and
implementing changes within a small group of developers
• Ability to communicate openly and often with teammates and remain open to new ideas
• Experience with taking a leadership role among a team of software engineers and practicing strong
release engineering principles
• Security
• Experience with application LDAP integrations
• Security concepts such as access tokens, auth certificates, OAuth/SAML, idPs, NIST Identity
Management Frameworks, secure execution and any knowledge around setUID practices.
• Solving problems related to CI automation and running arbitrary code from external sources on
secure machines.
• Experience with implementing zero-trust security principles during software development and
system design.
• Work on a DOE federated identity initiative
• Containerization
• Experience with virtual and containerized environments - Vagrant, Docker, VMWare
• General knowledge of containers, HPC and scientific job workflows with containers


1 Source in accordance with applicable law, does not discriminate in hiring or otherwise in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, or any other legally protected status.

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